to hold, to miss, to remember - 2nd Edition

This all-natural scent was created in collaboration with artist, Lynn Marie Kirby for a performance piece that took place this summer in Venice, Italy. Giovanni Bellini’s Madonna and Child, painted in 1480, was stolen from Madonna dell'Orto Church in 1993. For three days in June 2017, artists Lynn Marie Kirby and Sarah Bird, enacted to hold, to miss, to remember, an intervention in Campo Madonna dell’Orto, Venice. The public was invited to join in making 100 attempts to find the tender gesture depicted in the absent painting. Bathed in this scent created for the project, Kirby, dressed as the missing Madonna, sat in one of two empty chairs in the campo, holding the public, in attempts to find the missing gesture. Bird marked the number of attempts onto the brick of the site. Participants were given a vial of this scent to take away—to re-enact, to remember. Conditioned to remember with photographs, we wanted to create instead another form of memory, a sensory memory—linked to the primal olfactory part of the brain.

10% of the proceeds of this perfume will be donated to La Casa De Las Madres, a shelter in San Francisco for women and children escaping domestic abuse.

Note: This is the second edition of the perfume. The first edition was given to the participants in Venice.

to hold, too miss, to remember is an olfactory journey across Renaissance Venice to the present day: Cypress trees, olive groves, the salty, musty, sea, gardens filled with roses, geraniums, and box hedges, and the scents that linger in a church.

Notes: Royal Jasmine, Damask Rose, Mint Absolute, Frankincense Tears, Galbanum, Liquidambar, Oakmoss, Seaweed, Rose Geranium, Citrus Accord, Woods Accord, Africa Stone.

Fragrance Family: Fresh, Herbal, Unisex, Green

All-Natural Ingredients: This fragrance contains only pure essential oils, absolutes, and tinctures in Organic Cane Alcohol distilled in Oregon*

To learn more about this collaborative performance piece, please visit: To Hold, To Miss, To Remember.

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