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Animus is an animalistic fragrance that goes on subtle yet develops and transforms as it warms up on skin. Made from a combination of deep essential oils, including precious oud from Assam, and an array of exotic musks (all vegan). Delicious alone or as a layering fragrance. Seriously erotic.

Animus is a Jungian term describing the masculine aspects of a woman's personality. (Just as anima describes the feminine aspect of a man's personality.) This fragrance is about blurring gender roles and reaching inward towards our androgynous, raw sexual energy.

Notes: Animalic Musk*, Woods, Vetiver, Precious Oud from Assam.
*Vegan and Cruelty-Free (We do not use animal-derived musks.)

Fragrance Family: Woodsy, Unisex, Masculine, Skin Musk

9ml/0.3 ounce Perfume Extrait

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